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Geographical situation, traffic and infrastructure

Geographical position

The Large District town of Crimmitschau is situated on the western border of the free state of Saxony and Thuringia and belongs to the district of “Chemnitz” and the area “Zwickauer Land”.

Entire area of Saxony: 18.413 sqkm
Inhabitants of Saxony: 4.2 mill.
Governmental districts: 3
Administrative districts: 22

Total area of Crimmitschau: 61,2 sqkm
Inhabitants: 22.000
Included villages: 7
Shared administration: Dennheritz
Traffic connections
Auf der Lagekarte sehen Sie die Anbindung an die Autobahn A 4 sowie die Nähe zu weiteren Bundesstraßen.

motorway BAB A4 Dresden-Eisenach-Frankfurt/Main
Meerane - (approx. 5,6 km to the city centre)
Schmölln - (approx. 6 km to the city centre)

major road B 93 Leipzig – Altenburg – Zwickau (approx. 5,6 km to the city centre)

railway connection (direct connection): Berlin – Leipzig – Zwickau

air traffic:
international airport Halle/Leipzig: ca. 70 km
international airport Dresden: ca. 110 km
regional Airport Altenburg: ca. 20 km
business airfield Zwickau: ca 15 km

Das Foto zeigt die Bundesstraße 93 sowie die Autobahnbrücke A 4 mit Beschilderung.
Technical infrastructure:

Supply of Water/Sewage

  • Mixed water removal from a drinking water barrage,
  • feed in of deep- fountain and spring water,
  • Mixed water disposal with the help of a rainwater basin to the central sewage plant with mechanical cleaning

Addresses of the responsible public utilities and essential authorities:
Wasserwerke Zwickau GmbH
Erlmühlenstraße 15
08066 Zwickau
Telefon: 03 75 / 53 30
Fax: 03 75 / 53 32 91

Electricity/gas/heat supply

  • Guaranteed supply because of the town’s municipal services,
  • favourable conditions for bulk purchasers,
  • a stable comprehensive supply network

Addresses of the responsible public utilities and essential authorities:
Stadtwerke Crimmitschau GmbH
Amselstr. 3
08451 Crimmitschau
Tel. 0 37 62/ 76 90
Fax.: 037 62/ 76 90 14

Social infrastructure
  • 12 well equipped day nurseries for children of pre-school age
  • schools: Gymnasium (extended knowledge in natural science), 2 Middle Schools, 3 Primary Schools, special school for mentally disabled pupils
  • hospital "Pleißentalklinik" (ca. 11 km)
  • Med Centre Crimmitschau (60 physicians of all specialities), institutions of health service
  • 3 old people’s and nursing homes, 2 senior citizen’s homes for disabled people and social therapy centre
  • 4 institutions for assisted living
  • numerous culture- sports- and leisure time facilities

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